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Qigong - Beginner Class (From 15 January 2024)

In Person


18:00 to 19:00 

St. Peters Church Hall,

Laleham Road 

Staines TW18 2DX

£10 per class

Concessions available on request

A gentle introduction to qigong, focusing on specific principles of the practice, giving attention to breath, postural alignment, balance, coordination and somatic awareness.


One of the aims of these sessions is to create space, allowing the tissues to regain elasticity and encouraging qi to flow smoothly and freely.

Slow introduction to the Biospirals Method of Qigong

Qigong in the Park

In Person

Every two weeks. Dates and times  tbc

Suggested Donation £5-£10

A relaxed practice to foster community and connection.

We play with different qigong forms, apart from those in the Biospirals Method, such as Shibashi, Wudang, Chan Mi Gong, 8 Brocades and 5 Elements. 

Everybody is welcome. 

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